Kennel Lessons

Lessons I have learnt from working where I work, a boarding kennel/groomer/doggie daycare facility:

  • Old men are disproportionately likely to have dogs named Buddy.  Buddy is disproportionately likely to be a Golden Retriever.
  • Boston-area pet owners love naming their animals Brady and Bruin.  I have only seen one Lucic.
  • People take it as a personal offense when I tell them we need to see an updated copy of their animal’s vaccinations.
  • Christmas is both the best and worst time of the year.  Worst because it is absurdly busy.  Best because our regular clients buy us fancy chocolates and fruit baskets and gift cards to classy grocery stores.
  • The more money someone is spending, the more likely they are to argue over a $2 medication charge.
  • “That cost more than my vacation!!1” is the new “It didn’t have a price tag so it must be free right LOL”
  • Once one dog pees in the lobby, you might as well not bother putting away the mop because it’s going to happen with 10 other dogs that day.

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